Bet MGM Sportsbook Review

Bet MGM Sportsbook Review 2024

The Bet MGM Sportsbook is part of what is known as Roar Digital, the name of GVC Holdings and MGM Resorts International’s joint venture. The fifty-fifty deal between the two superpower entities sure knew how to get its two-hundred-million dollars-worth of quality.

Get up to $1,500 in Bonus Bets
up to $1,500
In Bonus Bets
Up to $1,500 in Bonus Bets if Your First Bet Doesn't Win*
*Bonus Bets Expire in 7 Days. One New Customer Offer Only. Add’l terms
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The multi-million-dollar deal ensured that Roar Digital was able to amass a large casino portfolio and a partnership with Boyd Gaming, thanks to MGM. This gave the venture access to 15 US state markets.

These markets are massive, with a combined population of 90 million potential customers. Of course, this was not all to show Bet MGM Sportsbook love, but it is one of many embers that continually stokes the fire of the venture’s mounting success.  

Since the venture became official, it is no surprise that the Bet MGM Sportsbook has done exceptionally well, even though it is only a little over a year old. The Bet MGM Sportsbook offers an engaging and easy-to-use platform that provides a consistently pleasing experience on both a desktop and mobile device.

Bet MGM Bonus Offers April 2024

The Bet MGM Sportsbook has a lot going for it. The investors and partners that took up the Bet MGM Sportsbook mantel have the means and funds to make it successful. Part of that success is derived from the bonus’ sportsbook offers.

New Customer Offer: The New Customer Offer allows first-time players to have a first bet bonus for up to $1,500! 

Other offers and benefits of this sportsbook include Free Live Streaming at Bet MGM Sports, Boosted Odds, and the ability to edit bets based on Live Action!

When you stack up the Bet MGM Sportsbook Bonus Offers against its online sportsbook competitors, it is unique. Free game streaming, for all the leagues available on the platform is an intriguing feature. It encourages players to get into new sports seasons, even if their country or region does not currently support that league or game. (For instance, this offers easy access to European Soccer Matches from the US or American Football from Europe.) 

As for the New Customer Offer, it is generous, but it is also a common offer for online sportsbooks across the board. While the offer is enticing, it is not an exclusive offer. 

Bet MGM Sportsbook Promos – 2024

Bet MGM has plenty of interesting offers that have ranged to fit the specific sports season. However, the platform’s New Player Bonus and Loyalty Program is a staple that follows new players and loyal fans through every season and with each playing league.

Bet MGM New Player Bonus

The New Player Bonus Offer is a first bet bonus worth up to $1,500! That means a new player can make their first bet with extra confidence as if it loses they’ll receive the opportunity to try again with bonus bets

MGM Sportsbook Bonus Code

Sportsbook BetMGM Sportsbook New Jersey
First Bet Offer
Bonus Bets refund up to $1,500
Terms T  & C Apply
BET MGM Sports Bets Offered NFL, MLB, NBA, Golf, NHL, MMA,

Soccer, Formula 1, and more

Last Verified: April 17, 2024


To participate in this, players must first sign up and make a deposit into their Bet MGM account using bonus code PLAYBONUS.

Who is Eligible for a Bet MGM Sportsbook Account?

The eligibility for any New Jersey online betting is that the person is at least 21 years of age and physically located within the state. That does not mean that players must be residents of New Jersey. They simply need to be located, via GPS within the state at the time they make their bet(s). 

The specific person that the Bet MGM Sportsbook is going to be most attractive to is a sports fan (obviously). However, the good news is that the range of different, global sports available on the app makes the target market wide. The likelihood of most sports fans finding a sport that they are excited about on the platform is high, so it is a good sportsbook for beginning bettors. 

How to sign up for a Bet MGM Sports account?

Bet MGM Sports offers a simple setup. Players simply need to visit the Bet MGM Sports website on their desktop or mobile device. Once the home page loads both the desktop and the mobile website, there will be a Log In button and a Register button.

As a new player, you are going to want to hit the Register button. This will take you to a signup sheet that asks all the normal questions to ensure you are at least 21 years old and live in the legal region.

(For the Bet MGM Sportsbook, that is New Jersey.) Once you have set up your sportsbook account, you will receive an email. This email will give you the option to sign into the platform via your desktop or download the application on your IOS or Android device.

Both downloads are quick and easy. If the permissions are right, the download takes under one minute. Even if the permissions need changing though, the download progression will bring players to the option that needs revising.

Additionally, there is a shared wallet, between Bet MGM Sports, Bet MGM Casino, and Bet MGM Poker. That means that many of the perks and bonuses any three of the platforms provide are all accessible across the platforms.

Unfortunately, there are three different apps for Sports, Casino, and Poker through Bet MGM, which can be annoying to a player who enjoys the different platforms. This is compounded by the fact that on the desktop site, the three entities are easily accessible, displayed as different tabs on the main platform.

Bet MGM Sports Betting Software

At first glance, the Bet MGM Sportsbook platform seems to be simple and straightforward in design. Everything appears to be laid out for players to navigate with ease.

To the desktop platform’s credit, the three entities (Sports, Casino and Poker) are easy to find and toggle between. Additionally, the sportsbook displays much of the currently popular sports and leagues, as well as their current promos in a standard formation on the sportsbook homepage.

However, unless you know what you are looking for (or you are looking for something popular at that time) navigating the Bet MGM Sportsbook grows slightly more complex as you explore it. There seems to be an overabundance of information, which is all trying to grab the player’s attention at once.

Therefore, if you are looking for something specific, such as, if you are looking for the FAQ page, or related information, it is more difficult to find. It can take some digging (and some weeding, in some cases) to strike gold on some common questions, or information.

Yet, you should not let that scare you away. The Bet MGM Sportsbook is, at heart, a simple platform, designed to meet the needs of many different players. That is a lot of information to relay in an organized fashion. All things considered, Bet MGM Sportsbook wrangles the volume of information and offerings on their desktop site well.

Bet MGM Sportsbook App

The Bet MGM Sportsbook App is available for IOS and Android. The good news, right from the start, is that both mobile platforms are easy and quick to download. Once downloaded, the app is simple and easy to follow. The top offers quick references to the most popular games, while the bottom offers a menu that is easy to navigate.

For the most part, the mobile app looks and functions a lot like the desktop app. However, it is easier to navigate. Of course, it is annoying to have more than one app for an online betting platform, if you enjoy more than just sports betting. Although, having less information on the app seems to be to the entire platform’s benefit. 

Players are easily able to access their profile, bet slips, promotions, and the various games and leagues available on the platform. 

Bet MGM Sportsbook Pricing

Bet MGM Sportsbook is comparable to other NJ online sportsbooks in their base bet-pricing. The odds are also on par with the Borgata Race and Sportsbook. Although, Bet MGM does explain that the odds might vary slightly from their casino partner, as all odds are reviewed by the Bet MGM oddsmakers and adjusted as they see fit. However, there is very rarely a major difference in the odds proposed between Bet MGM, their partner companies, or their competitors in NJ.

Yet, Bet MGM does run consistent Odds Boosters that put Bet MGM players at a daily advantage against many of the online sportsbook’s competitors. Make sure to check the platform daily, especially during football season, to see where you can cash in on the current Odds Boosts!

Additionally, Bet MGM is famous for an excellent array of promotions throughout the seasons that also have the tendency to boost a bettor’s odds. Therefore, it is important for players to keep an eye out for these promo gems as well.

Markets Offered at Bet MGM Sportsbook NJ

 There are many different leagues and sports available on the Bet MGM Sportsbook. Considering the Bet MGM’s large reach and pool of potential players, this is a large asset to the platform.

It is always good for a sportsbook to have a wide array of available sports to bet on. Yet, when the platform has specifically targeted such large area, it is imperative that it appeals to a wide variety of players. The lowest bet a player can make on the following sports is $0.50:

  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Baseball – MLB
  • Basketball – NBA, NCAA
  • Boxing
  • College Football
  • Cricket
  • Football – NFL
  • Formula 1
  • Golf – PGA
  • Hockey – NHL
  • MMA – UFC, Bellator
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Bet MGM Sportsbook: Types of Bets

The Bet MGM Sportsbook offers a healthy array of betting options to the platform’s players, aligning with the large net of interest that is cast by the number of available sports. Here are the bet options that are available throughout this platform:

  • Futures: Futures are bets that are made long before the start of a sports season and will not conclude until the end of that season. For instance, players can make a Futures bet before football season, with their prediction of who will win the Superbowl.
  • Money Line: Money Line bets are simple bets, where the player decides which team will win. For instance, if there is an NBA game with your team coming up and you predict they are going to win, if they win, you win. Simple as that.
  • Parlays: Parlay bets are used to garner much higher payouts then straight bets. These types of bets include more than two teams, with the payout being calculated by the number of participating teams. For instance, if you bet on a three-team parlay in College Basketball, the Arkansas State -589, Washington State -2500, and Florida +105, your total odds would be +149. If you stake $50, the potential payout would be $124.72. The trick with parlays is that ALL the bets need to win to make any money. If even one of these three picks loose, you are out $50 without a chance for redemption.
  • Round Robins: Round Robbins are the step above parlays. Not only do they encompass more bets, they also reap higher rewards. Each Round Robin is based off a two-team parlay. You bet a certain amount of money on each parlay. If you bet $5 on 6 team parlays, you will bet a total of $35. If even one team in your Round Robbin loses, all bets are off and you lose. However, if you win, that $35 will turn into a several hundred, if not well over $1000. Of course, the more parlays you bet on, the lower your odds are. Still, there is a possibility for success.  
  • Spreads: Spreads are short for “Point Spreads”, which, instead of the uber simple wager behind the money line bet, this takes bets to the next level. With spreads, there is two (or more) teams that have a positive or negative value attached to them. For instance, if the Patriots have a Spread (or handicap) of -5 and the Eagles have a Spread of +5, this indicates that the Patriots are the Favorites and the Eagles are the Underdogs of the spread. Therefore, betting for the Eagles to win will be more profitable if they do, in fact, win “the spread”. Although, winning the spread is not exactly winning or losing the game. If the Patriots win the game, to win the spread, they would have to win by no less than six points. If the Eagles were to win the spread, they would need to win outright, or lose by no more than four points, to win. If the Patriots won by 5 points the spread would result in a “push” or tie.

Banking options at Bet MGM Sportsbook

Deposits at Bet MGM Sportsbook

Depositing money into a Bet MGM Sportsbook (which is the universal Bet MGM wallet) has a lot of different options. All the following deposit options fund your account within a few minutes and can draw deposits, without a fee, or minimum, multiple times per day. Therefore, the level of ease and security is based on personal preferences with the individual banking system:

  • ACH/e-check:
  • Borgata Casino Cashier Deposit in Atlantic City: Only cash is accepted at the Casino Cage.
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Online banking transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Visa

Withdrawals at Bet MGM Sportsbook

While there are less withdrawal options then there are deposit options, there is still a good, secure selection by Bet MGM Sportsbook. There is no fees for withdraws and depending on the specifics of your particular account, the time the money is deposited into your account varies. The quickest option is receiving cash at the Borgata in Atlantic City. However, if you are unable or unwilling to go to Atlantic City, the second quickest option is a bank or ACH/e-check option. (This is especially true if you set up this option and deposited your funds this way.)

  • ACH/e-check
  • Cash at the cage via Borgata in Atlantic City
  • Check by mail
  • Neteller

How to Contact Customer Support

The Bet MGM Sportsbook has generic customer support system. It is possible to contact the platform’s customer support 24/7, but first, you must click through a list-style FAQ section. Granted, this can be helpful if you have a generic question. However, if you want to get specific help, you are going to have to click “Yes” when the form asks you if you need more help.

From there, you will be directed to a more traditional Contact Page with the option to Call, initiate a Live Chat, Email them, or visit their Help Pages. 

Benefits of Betting at Bet MGM Sportsbook

The Bet MGM Sportsbook platform has plenty of benefits that keep players coming back, game after game and wager after wager. Here are a few of the VIP benefits that make this sportsbook extra-special:

Promotions: The Bet MGM Sportsbook is ripe with promotions that are designed to intrigue a wide variety of different players. One of the biggest promotional draws include the daily point boosts, but there are plenty more promotions that correspond to the seasonal sports throughout the year. One of Bet MGM Sportsbook’s greatest assets ae their dedication to continuous, enticing promotions.

Betting Type Explanations: While sports betting can be a lot of fun, it can also be intimidating. There is much more to know about sports betting than most casino games.

So, while it might be alluring to potential players, their lack of experience with the different types of sports bets can cause them to second-guess trying it. Fortunately, Bet MGM Sports offers live, real-time directions and explanations of every bet!

Through this hands-on, personalized direction, even people who are experienced bettors can weigh their options in real time.

Volume of Available Sports: The different sports available throughout the Bet MGM Sportsbook platform offer so much potential to every type of sports bettor. There are enough sports that everyone is sure to find something they like. Yet, there is also such a wide variety that players have the opportunity and the means to try something different, whenever they want. 

What Bet MGM Sportsbook could improve on:

There is not a sportsbook, online or otherwise, that has devised a perfect platform. In fact, that might not even be possible. Yet, there is always a possibility for improvement and the Bet MGM Sportsbook is no exception. Here are a few areas where this sportsbook could improve:

Organization of Information: There is no doubt that there is a lot of information available throughout the Bet MGM platform and its affiliates. However, that information should be organized better. For people who are new to sports betting, especially, the seemingly straightforward platform quickly turns into a labyrinth of information after you delve beneath the surface. 

Of course, having a lot of information is good. The only issue is that the volume of information should be organized, to be fully appreciated and as helpful as possible. 

Simple Design: Ironically, the simple design is also a point of improvement for the Bet MGM Sportsbook. While the sportsbook has all the moving parts of a sportsbook, there is not much personality.

After all, it’s MGM. When players log in, they expect some pizzazz. Bet MGM Sportsbook needs to work a little movie magic on their branding, to make it feel more like the king of the jungle, instead of just another sportsbook. 

Deposit-Happy: There is nothing wrong with a sportsbook asking for a deposit. After all, they need to make money, or they will not stay in business. Yet, the Bet MGM Sportsbook takes this need to a whole new, annoying level.

There are certain areas of the platform that are not fully accessible without a deposit and everything that is accessible reminds you to make a deposit. The platform should not come across in such a pushy way. It makes the platform seem desperate and when it is clawing through the online sportsbook ranks, that’s the last impression they want to give.  


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