Conor McGregor punches an old man … And It’s Caught On Video!

Posted on August 15, 2019

Conor McGregor uncorked a left hook to the face of an old man in an Irish bar. The dispute was over… whiskey – Conor’s Proper Twelve Whiskey, of course. (VIDEO BELOW)

It all went down at The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin on April 6, but the video was just released to the public.

Conor McGregor walked in, lined up some tasty cups of his Proper Twelve Whiskey for everyone. But one guy opted out. HOW DARE HE!

After the old fool refused not once, but twice… Conor downed a “proper” shot and threw his notorious left fist unexpectedly in the face of the man.

But are we really surprised at this point?

  • For one… it’s a pub in Ireland, where fights are as normal as a game of pool.
  • And two… Conor has been known to have an outburst or three.

Dana White also addressed the Conor McGregor video:

“You’re talking about a pub in Ireland. Know how many guys get punched in the face every day in a pub in Ireland? Yeah, a lot.”

“But, this is a high-profile guy,” White says …

“The bottom line is when you’re not a regular guy, you’re a high-profile guy, and you’re a professional fighter, you can’t do it. That you can’t do.”

As of 2:00pm EST today, Police in Ireland are still investigating the incident, and “no arrests have been made to date.”

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