DraftKings Offering Big Money Survivor Pools for NFL 2021 Season – MILLIONAIRE PICK’EM CONTEST

Posted on September 9, 2021

NFL season is here, which means fans are back to betting games, drafting fantasy teams, and seeking out “survivor” and pick pools. DraftKings has worked hard to distinguish themselves in the industry. Their 2021 offerings are certainly worth a look:

DraftKings Millionaire Pick’Emdraftkings millionaire pick'em

DraftKings has done a lot to bring more casual fans into the sports betting community. However, they do have offerings that are geared towards pros and “whales”. The Millionaire Pick’Em probably shades the latter group.

A $1,500 buy-in grants access to a $4 million prize pool for the DraftKings Millionaire Pick’Em, with three max entries per account. Pick five teams against the spread for the first 17 weeks, with one week’s performance dropped or players can take a bye week. Make five correct picks in one week and earn a free $100 bet on the site. At the end of the season, the best record among 80 picks wins or splits a million dollars. One ticket to the Tournament of Champions is also up for grabs.

The prize pool will pay out to the top 135 places, with winners getting at least $2,500. There’s a lot of money at stake. 

For those seeking a more affordable option, DK also has a $20 entry Pick’em contest. Pick games for a chance to win part of a $20,000 contest, with $6,000 going to the winner.  

draftkings survivor pool free  FREE $30K The Football Survivor

Each Contestant must select one (1) NFL team each week of the 2021-2022 NFL regular season. For purposes of this Contest, a week of the NFL regular season runs from Wednesday to Tuesday.

Last Man or Woman standing wins $30,000! If several winners remain the $30,000 is split among the winners.


Pro Football Millionaire Survivordraftkings millionaire pickem

The simple survivor pool is usually the most popular option. Pick a team to win outright each week, continue if that team wins. The pool will dwindle until there’s one remaining contestant, who wins the jackpot. 

For the NFL season, DraftKings has a $333 entry to a weekly pick contest, with a max of three entries per account. Pick one winner each week, using a team only once during the season. Those who pick winners advance, those who don’t are out. 

DraftKings will pay a cool million to anyone who makes it through the season or is the lone entrant after the rest are eliminated in any given week. That winner also earns a ticket to the Tournament of Champions after the season. Should all contestants lose in a week, or multiple players correctly pick teams all 18 weeks, the prize money will be split among all winners. 

The pool stands at $1 million but can go up if enough entrants join (as of the eve of the regular season, they’re just over half what they would need to add to the million).

Players can join from the Pools page on the sportsbook website. Login and join.

For those with a smaller bankroll, DK also has a $20 contest. Pick a single game a week and compete for a pot that has grown from $100,000. 

The upcoming FX Series Y: The Last Man (it’s based on a comic book because we certainly need another show sourced from comics) has sponsored a $30,000 survivor pool, with similar rules to the pay contest. Go to the Pools page to get signed up and take a look at the various weekly contests as well.

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