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DraftKings Offers Big NFL Odds Boosts

draftkings nfl odds boost

The NFL preseason has begun which means it’s not too early to hit up the action at DraftKings. Ok, you know that, especially if you already made futures NJ online sportsbook wagers.

The Best DraftKings Sportsbook Bonus Available Online

To celebrate their first anniversary of operations, DraftKings Sportsbook has announced the closest thing to a sure bet.

They’ve boosted the odds of either the Jets, Giants, or Eagles scoring a touchdown from -10000 to +100.

Yes, for even money, you can bet that ONE of these three teams will score a touchdown in their opening games. The limit for the “No-Brainer Bet” is $10.

  • If Carson Wentz hits DeSean Jackson for a long bomb against Washington, you collect.desean jackson eagles nfl
  • If LeVeon Bell hits paydirt in his Jets debut against Buffalo, ka-ching.
  • If Saquon Barkley breaks off a big scoring run in Jerruhworld, cash it.

DraftKings has done a lot of really cool odds boosts and promotions over the year. Some have intrigued a lot of players. Perhaps the best one was the free $5.14 bet on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Murphy v. NCAA that formally legalized nationwide sports betting.

Unfortunately, a lot of players (like me) took the money and went with the +514 being offered on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA title (curse you, Kahwi).

In addition to the “No-Brainer Bet”, DK usually has some boosts going in other sports. Best thing to do is login, hit the “odds boost” option on the top bar menu to access the prices.

DraftKings has also offered “missions” that create rewards for regular activity, like betting so many days in a row. The company has expanded their “Flash Bets” first used in Wimbledon to baseball.draftkings sports online sign up The best time to check on prices might be Summer Fridays, between 12 and 7 pm, when DK offers special pricing.

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