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NJ Sports Betting Odds

The most common types of sports betting are moneyline, point spread and futures bets, and all feature odds that you’ll get for a winning bet.

Here’s a quick rundown of those types of bets:

Moneyline bets

Put simply, you are betting on who will win the game. But the odds are a little more complicated than that.

If you are betting on an NFL game, each team will have numbers associated with it, such as

Atlanta Falcons +160

Philadelphia Eagles -180

The numbers tell you how much you will win if you bet, and who is favored. For negative moneylines, this signifies how much money you have to bet in order to win $100. So in the example above, you have to play a $180 bet to get that return on the Eagles (plus your original $100). The Eagles are favored to win the game here.

With a moneyline with a plus sign, that signifies an underdog and a different payout. If you bet $100, you will get the listed figure back if your team wins. So a $100 bet on the Falcons would return $160 (plus the initial $100)

Point spread betting

A point spread is a bet on what the final score of a game will be, and how much a team will win (or not lose) by. Here’s an example.

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles (-4)

If you bet on the Eagles when they are favored by four points, they would have to win by more than that amount for you to win your bet. Similarly, if you bet on the Falcons and they lose by less than four points — or outright win the game — you would win the wager.

If the Eagles win by exactly four points — like 21-17 — it would be a push, and the bettor would get their wager back.

Futures bets

These bets are on a future event, as the name implies, such as who will win a league championship.

If the Eagles are 10/1 to win the Super Bowl, you would win $1,000 on a $100 bet.

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