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New Jersey Online Sports Betting Bonuses

Online sports betting in New Jersey is soon to become a reality. Since July 2018, sports betting license holders have been able to apply for online and mobile licenses.

Because there will be more than one site available for play, companies will be trying to entice players to their sites. The most common way to do so is a sports betting bonus.

What is a sports betting bonus?

A sports betting bonus is any promotion or extra that a website will offer to players.

How does a sports betting bonus work?

Bonuses are typically cash awards of some kind. Occasionally, they might be a perk, like a free bet or free service. The amount, method of distribution, and the type of award varies according to each promotion.

With any bonus, it is likely there will be some terms you will have to satisfy before you have full access to the funds. Even if you can wager with bonus dollars, you will not be able to withdraw them until you have met those requirements.

Typically, the sites require that you achieve a certain level of play. That level of play can be either an amount wagered or the number of contests played.

There are several different types of bonuses you may receive.

Below is a list of typical types of bonus. Note that several types of bonuses can have multiple names.

Sports betting bonus types

Deposit/match bonus

These bonuses apply when you deposit money into the site. For every dollar you deposit, the website will award you a percentage of that amount in bonus dollars.

The percentage varies according to the promotion, which usually 10 to 20 percent of the deposit, but can be as high as 100 percent.

Typically, a deposit bonus carries a maximum amount. In other words, you can’t deposit an unlimited amount of money and continue to receive the matching amount from the website.

You may need to use a specified deposit code to activate the bonus. Make sure you enter the appropriate promo code into the box before you click the submit button.

No-deposit bonus

These bonuses are free money. Typically, receiving a no-deposit bonus requires you to sign into your account.

Sites may even deposit bonuses straight into your account. However, there may still be requirements or conditions you must satisfy before you can withdraw.

Free-bet bonus

Free-bet bonuses are a cousin of the no-deposit bonus. Rather than give you free cash, the site will award you a free wager on a particular class of bet.

You get to keep any winnings generated from that bet. However, this is a way for the sportsbook to increase volume on a focus area. The focus area is usually whatever league the sportsbook favors.

Sign-up bonus

A sign-up bonus is a bonus you receive upon signing up for an account at a particular site. These bonuses are usually deposit matches or no-deposit bonuses.

Depending on the site, you may have playthrough requirements before you can withdraw. Also, if the sign-up bonus is a deposit match, make sure to look for the promotional code that goes with it.

Cash-back bonus

In all forms of gambling, you will lose some of the time. A cash-back bonus is a refund you receive on your losses.

The amount you receive will be a percentage of your total losses. It won’t take the sting of losing entirely away, but it might make it less painful.

Reload bonus

This type of bonus is a deposit match. However, you will receive an offer for this type if you’ve lost all of the money in your account.

The reload bonus will come with a specific promo code and they’re designed to give you a boost to get back in the game.

Leaderboard bonus

The leaderboard bonus will reward you for frequent play and higher stakes. You receive payouts for acquiring the most points in a given period.

These points go to the bettors who play most often at the highest levels. The leaderboard bonus serve to grease the sportsbook’s best customers, but they can also serve as an aspirational goal for the lower-level players.

Where can I get the best sports betting bonus in NJ?

To be announced. We will tell you as soon as we know something.

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