Where Can You Play Same-Game Parlays In New Jersey?

Posted on November 17, 2020

Although the general thinking is that most New Jersey sportsbooks offer every type of bet under the sun (and they mostly do), you might be surprised to find out that not all of them offer same-game parlays.

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Does Your Favorite Sportsbook Offer Same Game Parlays?

This is a popular type of bet that’s especially useful on days where there is just one game like Monday Night Football. On those days, you can’t loop in a number of legs since there’s only one option, so players like to parlay the side and the total.

Let’s take a closer look and see which books do offer same game parlays and which ones don’t have it on the menu.

DraftKings Sportsbook – YES

DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the biggest shops in New Jersey and it’s no surprise that they offer same game parlays, both in the NFL and college. After all, their betting menu is the size of a Las Vegas buffet. Whatever you want to bet on, it’s there. Moreover, they also have a ton of different bet types, props, and more that you can’t find at the other books.

One of those bet types is a same-game parlay, which they’ll happily accept. If you erroneously select the spread and moneyline in the same game, a message will pop up to say “Sorry, the selected outcomes cannot be combined” but if you put a spread and a total in a parlay, or a moneyline and a total in a parlay, you’ll get the green light.

FanDuel Sportsbook – Sort Of

FanDuel Sportsbook is known for their massive selection of betting lines. They’ll let you bet on things like soccer matches in the Czech Republic, Russian Table Tennis and the Darts World Championship. One thing they don’t fully allow, though, is same-game parlays in college football. Until recently, you couldn’t bet these with the NFL but they are now, in fact, available.

Flipping back to college football, though, if you try to play a parlay with a spread and a total, or a moneyline and a total, you’ll be greeted with this message:

“Two or more selections from the same event cannot be combined in a parlay.”

The good news is that they do offer same-game parlays in the NFL now. It is a bit odd that they don’t offer these across the board but it looks like they plan to in the near future.

BetMGM – Not Yet

BetMGM is big into the parlay scene – especially with football – as they even have a big button on their main navigation for “Easy Parlay”. This is a neat that allows you to quickly browse the market and play a parlay.

However, one type of parlay that you can’t play is a same-game parlay. If you add a point spread or moneyline to your bet slip, and then add in an over or an under from the same game, you’ll be blocked from confirming the bet. A small alert pops up to same that “some of your selections cannot be combined.”

Bet365 – YES

Bet365 is an international brand that has recently opened up shop in New Jersey. If you’re not aware, they’re one of the biggest bookmakers in the United Kingdom and is one of the most respected sportsbooks around the world.

They’ve long offered same-game parlays and it’s no surprise that they offer them to customers in New Jersey too. Whether it’s a spread or a moneyline that’s parlayed with a total from the same game, you’re fully clear to play it.

888Sport – YES

Similar to Bet365, 888Sport is a well-respected international brand. They’ve been in this game a long time, so it’s no surprise that they’re accustomed to offering and accepting same-game parlays.

888Sport actually takes it one step further as you can parlay all sorts of different alternate lines in the same game as well. For example, you play the regular point spread parlays with an alternate total. That’s pretty sweet.

One thing you can’t do, though, is take an alternate line on the point spread and then parlay that with the regular total or an alternate over-under. If you do that, they’ll let you know that “the selected outcomes cannot be combined”.

What’s The Issue With Same Game Parlays? Correlation.

Now that we’ve reached this point in the article, you might be wondering what’s the deal with same-game parlays and why don’t all sportsbooks offer them?

Of course, if you’ve visited the United Kingdom, Canada or Las Vegas and placed some bets, you know that it’s mostly not an issue. It’s harder to find a sportsbook that DOESN’T offer them than one that does. However, there is one concern from a sportsbook’s perspective when it comes to same-game parlays and that’s correlation.

Correlation mostly refers to the fact that you can’t bet on two things that are related. In other words, you wouldn’t be able to bet a team to cover the spread in the first half and also to cover the spread in the full game. There is a correlation there that works to your advantage.

With same-game parlays in NJ sports betting apps, there isn’t really correlation but it’s something that some books worry about. For example, if you’re betting on a team that’s an offensive juggernaut like the Kansas City Chiefs, for example, they might be more likely to win in a high-scoring affair.

Let’s say they’re playing an elite defensive team. One mindset might be that if they win, they dictate the pace and the game goes over. The flip side would be to bet the stalwart defensive team and the under, thinking that if the defensive team dictates the pace, we’d be looking at a low-scoring game as well.

At any rate, this type of correlation is not a really major advantage to bettors, which is why most sportsbooks allow them. Hopefully, we see all of them open this up across the board in the near future and offer it as all of the sportsbooks in Las Vegas do.

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